Welcome to the Data Science Education Technology conference website! We are looking forward to this groundbreaking event in the emerging field of data science education from February 15-17, 2017, at the beautiful Brower Center in Berkeley, California.

Our conference is currently at capacity, but we are accepting applications for a waitlist. You can also sign up for the virtual conference here.

The Concord Consortium’s Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP) project will be featured.



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What can we do now to help students be ready for data science in the future? I love this stage in data science education, where we’re still finding our way—and before somebody writes the standards. There are exciting possibilities! Be a part of this growing conversation!

Tim Erickson

Why attend?

This will be a groundbreaking event in the emerging field of data science education, supported by the National Science Foundation-funded project developing CODAP.

  • Connect. Join a growing community of data science educators and expand your network. There will be plenty of downtime for informal and impromptu connecting with colleagues. We’ll provide innovative networking tools.
  • Innovate. Work with programmers and educators and learn new strategies to make use of open-source software, new methods of integrating data science with content learning, and new ways to provide learners with access to data.
  • Discover Data Solutions. Get access to CODAP and other free, open-source technologies to help as you develop online materials in which students use data.
  • Participate. Learn, discuss, design, and create. Session leaders are experts in making use of CODAP and other data technologies for developing online materials for courses, citizen science, and public dissemination of data.

Who will be attending?

Below are just some of the organizations that will be joining us for the Data Science Education Technology Conference.

Don’t see your logo? Email your logo to dset@concord.org and we’ll add it here!

concord-consortium-logo 4-terrapop-minnesota-website-logo-black-text umass-amherst I2SEA Logo
  • Data Nuggets
  • Dataspire
  • Desmos
  • EDC Oceans of Data Institute
  • EEPS Media
  • Michigan State University
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • University of California, Berkeley – Graduate School of Education
  • USAonline, University of South Alabama
  • TERC
  • TerraPopulus, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota
  • The Concord Consortium
  • Tuva

Have other questions?

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