Call for Discussion Papers

Important Dates

Discussion paper submission: January 9, 2017

Comment on discussion papers: Forum opens January 14, 2017

In preparation for the conference, please consider writing a short discussion paper on a topic related to Data Science Education Technology. Writing, reading, and commenting on these papers before the conference will help jump start our discussions with each other and provide fodder for conference sessions, especially the unconference session Friday morning.

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  1. Should data science at the school level be a subject taught in a course, or should it be integrated into other subject areas?
  2. Data are messy. To what extent and when should students engage in the complex, time-consuming process of preparing, cleaning, transforming, and archiving data?
  3. Do we already have the technology we need for data science education? If not, what’s missing?
  4. What graphs and data visualizations should students become familiar with? Standards like histograms and box plots? Non-standards like heat maps, dendrograms, and ring charts? And how should students learn about data visualization?
  5. How should data science education technology be plugged into sensors and the internet of things?
  6. What research is most urgent in data science education, especially regarding use of technology?
  7. The role of data in our society is changing very rapidly. Should data science education attempt to keep current with these developments? If so, how?
  8. The data students work with is almost always flat; i.e. organized in row by column tables. Should they also experience other data structures? How and why?
  9. What new approaches to statistics education are made possible by current technologies?
  10. What kinds of data and explorations are appropriate for beginning level data science?
  11. To what extent should we think of data science education as a continuation of statistics education as opposed to a brand new discipline? What have we learned from years of statistics education research that are important insights to build on?


The discussion papers should be 1-2 pages including any references. Share a link to a Google document to Natalya St. Clair at with the email subject “Discussion Paper.” Specify which prompt you are responding to in the document and add a title your paper. We will regularly update a collection of discussion papers in that participants may read and comment on.