CODAP is free open source software for data analysis built for use in schools. With CODAP, you can explore, visualize, and learn from data in any content area. Our mission is to make data literacy accessible for all students.

Through our National Science Foundation-funded project, we built a commercial-friendly, web-based, open-source data analysis platform, which students anywhere may use for free. (CODAP will always be free!) CODAP’s data exploration and visualization tools are based on research on learning, web application development, and user testing. In addition, we’ve designed and tested our software in collaboration with seven NSF-funded projects, which helps us build curriculum materials for middle and high school classrooms across a variety of subject areas.

These projects also form the nucleus of a community of developers, which is great because our growing user requests hundreds of new features every year! We sustain that growth through our partnerships with research and development organizations, publishers, and universities who want to add our technology to their products.

The most exciting part of our work is that we’re still finding our way in the emerging field of data science education. There are many possibilities, and the best is still ahead of us. So, join us! Play with our software, browse our forums, create a plugin, join a meetup, participate in a webinar, or connect with us to explore partnership possibilities.

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