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    Hallo, I am Daichi,  univ student in Japan

    I would like to ask  little bit question for you. There is a “Fast Plants” in CODAP example datasets, which is used for tutorial. Where is the dataset come from?real data in him or her experiment or imaginary ?

    CODAP looks have some language better and better, but how about Japanese ?This is the most abondant people hate English, I think. I hope you include Japanese within CODAP.

    King regards.



    Bill Finzer

    Hello Daichi,

    The Fast Plants data is fictitious, created to provide a context to help us do some research on how students perceive hierarchical data. You read about this research here.

    You ask about a Japanese localization. We rely on volunteers for this effort. If you know someone who would be interested and able to translate CODAP into Japanese, please put them in touch.




    Hello Bill

    Thanks for giving some information I want.
    Do you have any requirements about that volunteers?

    I want to  join that volunteer if you would like to admit it.
    Of cource, I would ask some professor or foreign friends.

    Sorry for replaying so lately.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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