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    Steen Groðe

    Playing Shuffleboard inside Codap seem to make the “Set strategy” inactive unless there is a trick I have not found.

    If that trick is not there couldn’t the functionality of “Set strategy” be implemented?

    The alternative is to fix the things that is not working if you just play Shuffleboard outside Codap The most important it that you cannot save your games. It used to be possible but some of the funtions in different menues just brings up greay areas and makes the game gui freeze.

    Steen Groðe

    Set strategy and autoplay are now working, but saving seems still not possible. I guess it is related to that you login as a guest instead of with your codap user.

    Bill Finzer

    Hello Steen,

    I apologize for somehow missing your initial post. The data game Shuffleboard relied on communication between the game and CODAP that is no longer in effect, but we didn’t realize that it was broken.

    The game can be modified to work again. Meanwhile we’ll remove the game from the list at CODAP data interactives. Is that the site from which you were launching it? (There is another, older site that also lists it.)

    Shuffleboard never supported save and restore because it was designed for quite short interactions. That, too, could be remedied.


    Bill Finzer

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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