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    I am wondering if it is possible to control the scale of the colors displayed when an attribute is dragged onto a map. It seems like there can be 5 bins only, and what values go into each of those color bins depends on the spread of the data. I am hoping to get more granularity, and also to be able to keep the color scale the same between data displayed for different years, which have different variability. I can get the min and max to be the same by adding a row with the same min value and one with the same max value to each attribute column, but the values that are grouped into each color scale bin seem to change depending on the data. Is it possible to have more control over this scale? When I click on the ruler icon on the map, it doesn’t provide any options.


    Bill Finzer

    Hi Kristen,

    The short answer is that CODAP does not provide any way to adjust the numeric legend color scale. As far as I know you are the first person to express a desire for this. Four years ago when we implemented the feature we thought usersĀ might want to adjust things but decided to wait and see. Now I’ll certainly add your feature request to our list.

    Perhaps you could say a bit about the context in which you are using CODAP and how it would help you to make these adjustments?

    Thank you!

    Jacob Sagrans

    I too would like to be able to do this. Look at the following CODAP document I prepared, for example. The banding seems really weird. Like there is one for 21 to 26 cases and another for 140 to 1566 cases. It may have been better to do this as a rate per 100,000 population or something like rather than total numbers but even then I might want to change the range each color represents.

    Bill Finzer

    Hello Jacob,

    Thanks for letting us know that you also would appreciate being able to change the ranges of the bands.

    The bands are currently chosen such that each has approximately 20% of the values. This frequently leads to oddness, especially with highly skew distributions.

    Our plan is to make it possible to drag the boundaries between bands on the legend and to make it possible add or delete bands.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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