CODAP Toolbar

  • ≡ Menu: Opens the menu for document management in CODAP.
  • Document title: The title of the document. You can change the document title by selecting the text.
  • Tables: Opens a table with the data loaded in the current CODAP Document. You may organize and re-label any of the columns.
  • Graph: Opens a graph containing the data. Initially, the graph shows random points. You may organize the data by dragging and dropping column headers (attributes) from your existing tables. You may change the attributes graphed by clicking on the graph axes.
  • Map: Allows you to see the data on a map. Maps are only available if the data includes longitudes and latitudes.
  • Slider: Moves horizontally to control a variable, such as the volume of a sphere while “sliding” the radius.
  • Calculator: Provides a simple calculator.
  • Text: Allows you to write text notes.
  • Undo / Redo: Allows you to undo / redo an action in CODAP.
  • Tiles: Allows you to see the component open in the CODAP document.
  • Options: Opens the options menu bar. The options allow you to display an embedded web page, configure a Teacher’s guide in a CODAP document, and send the CODAP team feedback.
  • Guide (sometimes not visible): The guide is a series of HTML pages that can be embedded into CODAP. You can make your own guide or read other CODAP users' guides.
  • Help Menu: Opens up the CODAP Help website.
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