I got a "networking error" trying to load data into CODAP from a URL. What do I do?

You can drag a URL of a dataset over the workspace, or import it through the Import Menu, but sometimes this will fail with a mysterious "Network Error." Here are some things to check:

  • Is there a problem with your network? Check your computer or device's network settings. Perhaps you have become disconnected from your wireless network or the network is overburdened.
  • Is there a problem with the URL? If in doubt, you can try opening the link in another browser tab. If the URL is for a CSV file, the file may be downloaded to your computer, then uploaded/imported into CODAP.
  • Some websites are not configured to permit web applications from fetching data files, but do permit users to download the files. If you are able to download the file, please do so, and then drag the file into the CODAP workspace to add it to your CODAP document. See here for more info on how to upload files into CODAP.
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