Display a Legend in a Graph

When you have a graph with data on an axis, dropping a categorical attribute in the middle of the plot gives you a different kind of splitting than dropping on the other axis. If you drop an attribute on an empty graph, it has the same effect as dropping it on the horizontal axis.

You can use a legend to display a third attribute (variable) in a graph.

  1. You need both the Table and Graph windows open.
  2. Click and drag any variable name from the top of any column in the Table to the center of the Graph, as shown in the video.
  3. When the graph region turns yellow, release the mouse.
  4. The graph dynamically updates to show colored data points keyed to a color-coded legend that appears at the bottom of the Graph window. For numerical values, the darker the color, the higher the value of that legend attribute. If you place the cursor over (without clicking) a data point in the graph, it will now display three values for that point.
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