Save CODAP Work on Google Drive

Save to Google Drive

You can save a CODAP file using several methods. The following gives instruction on how to save a CODAP file using Google Drive.

  • Click on the ≡ menu. Select “Save…”
  • A prompt will appear. Select the “Google Drive” tab.
  • Follow the Google Drive dialog (log in to your Google account if you are not already logged in). You can now save CODAP files (with a .codap extension) to Google Drive. Select the Drive folder/subfolder you would like to save to by clicking on the arrows/folder names in the middle of the saving dialog (see image below)Note: In order for Google Drive to connect to CODAP, you must have enabled the proper permissions.
  • Once you've saved your CODAP document to Google Drive, any further updates you make will be automatically saved (make sure you see "All changes saved to Google Drive" written at the top of the CODAP file before closing it). You do not need to follow the saving steps listed above again.

Switch between multiple Google accounts

If you have multiple Google accounts, when CODAP prompts you to log in to Google, you can select the specific account you want to save to. If you are already logged in to at least one Google account, and want to save to a different account, click on "Select Different Google Account" at the bottom of the saving dialog (see image above), select/log in to the account you wish to save to, and then click "Save."

See here for instructions on how to open your CODAP files again after they have been saved.

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