Provide Instructions (Configure the Guide)

Configure the Guide

Each CODAP document has a special place for holding documentation: the Guide panel. The biggest advantage of the Guide panel over text objects is that many users read text objects and then close them to free up space; the Guide stays with the CODAP document.

  1. Each Guide section needs to be created as a seperate HTML file. You can create an HTML file using any text or HTML editor. You can create multiple HTML files for each section in the guide.
  2. Upload the HTML file to a web host. You can use any web host. Note that if you are including images in your Guide page, you will need to upload the images to a web host as well.
  3. In the CODAP document, click on "Options -> Configure the Guide..."
  4. Give the activity a name. Include the URL to the HTML file next to the section. 

General techniques

Whichever form your “publishing” takes, there are some general points to keep in mind.

  • Name tables, attributes, graphs, and sliders intelligibly and accurately. Their names should indicate what they represent.
  • Use space wisely. Delete unnecessary objects, objects that don’t help you tell your story. Move related objects together.

Here are some considerations for preparing CODAP documents to be used by others:

  • Make sure the file names end in the CODAP extension .codap so they can be shared across platforms.
  • The focus and size of components are saved with the document. Make sure the components are sized properly before you save.
  • If the file contains simulations such as sampling and collecting measures, leaving sliders on for these processes facilitates the user’s understanding of those processes.
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