Add/Edit/View Dataset Source Information

CODAP has a built-in feature to store information with each table about the source of a dataset, its import date, and a longer description of the dataset. To add, view, or edit information about a dataset, click on the i icon at the top of the inspector palette that appears to the right of the table. A "Dataset Information" panel will appear. You can add or edit information on the name of the dataset, the source of the dataset, the import date, and a longer description of the dataset. Make sure to click "Apply" to save any edits you make. Note that the "Dataset Information" panel is automatically filled with information when a dataset is imported, including the title of the dataset file, the import date and time, and the source of the dataset (a URL if it was imported from online, or a file name plus extension, such as "data.csv," if imported locally from your computer). 

Some people prefer to put information about a dataset/its source in text boxes in CODAP. You can read more about text boxes here.

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