Input Data by Hand

You can manually input data into CODAP by entering your data into a case table.

  • Click on the Tables button in the upper left corner to bring a new case table into the CODAP workspace and name the table
  • Change attribute names by clicking on the attribute title, and selecting Rename
  • Create new attributes by clicking on the Plus symbol on the upper right hand corner of the table. If you wish to assign units enclose them in parentheses.

  • Double Click in an empty cell to enter data
  • Press Tab to move on to the next cell, from the last column pressing Tab will create a new row. You can press Return from any cell to create a new row.

  • Attribute properties can be changed by clicking on the attribute title and selecting Edit Attribute Properties, you can specify the type of data, specify units, and prevent values for that attribute from being edited.

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