Select Data in a Graph

When you select cases in a case table or graph, those cases appear as selected everywhere they are visible (i.e., the selected cases will be highlighted in all tables, graphs, and/or maps that are open in CODAP). This provides a simple but powerful technique for exploring your data.

  • To select one dot, click it.

  • To select multiple dots, draw a selection rectangle around them. To draw the rectangle, press down and hold the button on your mouse and drag the cursor across the points you want to select. All cases┬ápartially within the rectangle will be selected. You can also select multiple cases by holding down the shift key and clicking on each case individually.

  • To select all cases in a category, click the legend symbol for that category.

  • To unselect the previously selected cases on the graph, click on a blank space in the center of the graph.

It is also possible to select data in a table (see instructions here).

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