Embed a Webpage in a CODAP Document

It is possible to embed a webpage in a CODAP document. There are several ways to do this (note: some websites are incompatible with embedding in CODAP):

1) Open the webpage you want to embed in CODAP in another browser window or tab. Go to the URL of the webpage, click on it or on the icon just to the left of the URL (depending on the browser) and drag the URL over to you tab/window with the CODAP file you want to embed in open. Drag into the center of the CODAP file and drop it (make sure the green plus sign is showing before you drop).

2) Open the main CODAP menu (≡). Select "Import." Then select "URL." Type the URL from an open browser window or tab into the top box, or paste/enter the URL into the bottom box (note that if pasted/typed in, the URL must have http:// at the beginning). Then press "Import."

3) On the upper right of a CODAP, click on "Options," then "Display Web Page." Type in the URL of the webpage you wish to display, then click "OK."

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