CODAP Privacy Policy

CODAP is a product of Concord Consortium and conforms to its Privacy Policy found here:

Please note that no login or account registration is required to fully use the CODAP web application through its main link: If used in this manner, Concord Consortium does not collect any of the information described in the above Privacy Policy under “Personal Information”.

CODAP allows users to save their work on a third party service (currently only Google Drive). Usage of such a third party service is covered by that service’s privacy policy rather than Concord Consortium’s.

CODAP allows users to share their work with others via a unique URL. In this circumstance, a copy of their work will be retained on a server, viewable by anyone who is given the URL. If you use this “shared link” feature of CODAP, you should protect this URL appropriately and be mindful with whom it is shared.