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    Hello Everyone,

    My PLC colleagues and I are currently beta-testing embedded CODAP activities on (launched yesterday, Dec 1st).

    It appears that the Getting Started with CODAP, Part 1 drag-and-drop CSV tutorial is not working for me or other teachers across the country (whether we access it directly on the CODAP site here or the embedded copy on this subpage). An email from one of my colleagues is attached. All implementations of this widget worked for my own kiddos working on Chrome/Chromebooks as recently as two weeks ago.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,


    Bill Finzer

    Hello Nick,

    This problem surfaced a few days ago when Google updated its Chrome browser for Windows. (It occurs in version 96.) The problem does not occur on Firefox or on the Mac.

    Apparently there are quite a few problems caused by this Chrome update so we expect that Google will fix them soon.

    A workaround is to make a new document from the Getting Started document that already has the Mammals data in it. In fact, here is a link to a shared document you can use for this purpose.

    I hope Google fixes there problem soon!


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    Thanks Bill, both for the incredibly quick reply and the link to a shared doc that we will use here until Google fixes the problem.

    I’m thrilled to have found this community and to be using CODAP,

    Warm regards,


    Jonathan Sandoe

    Hello Nick,

    We have made a temporary fix to the “getting started” example by starting at the point where the document is already loaded and omitting the first task.

    We will restore the “getting started” example when it works once again in Windows Chrome.

    Jonathan Sandoe


    Thank you Jonathan, I appreciate both the fix and the update! -Nick


    Hello Jonathan,

    I may have misunderstood the temporary fix you mentioned. When I now visit the CODAP tutorials page here, and then launch the Getting Started in CODAP Part 1, we’re still encountering the same drag-and-drop issue.

    I understand that this issue was caused by a fall Chrome update, but we’re eager to implement the fix you mentioned. The teachers I am working with report that students are encountering this broken Step 1 of Part 1, and then giving up on CODAP entirely (or proceeding with unnecessary cognitive load that reinforces stereotype threats).

    Your post above mentions “by starting at the point where the document is already loaded and omitting the first task.” Could you please point me to this revised “getting started” example/file?

    Much appreciated, -Nick

    Bill Finzer

    Hi Nick,

    Actually, the yesterday’s release of CODAP has fixed the problem for now by having the case table show from the start and eliminating the first task.

    When you open CODAP you should see Version 2.0 (0611) in the upper right corner, and when you open the Getting Started document there should be only four tasks. (If you see five tasks, try clearing your browser’s cache and reloading.)

    Hope this works!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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