Getting Started with Tables

  • CODAP's tables display parent-level data on the left-hand side and child-level data on the right.
  • Change column widths by dragging the separators between titles in the column header.
  • Click on a column header to edit the name or formula of an attribute.
  • Click on parent or child data rows to highlight associated data within CODAP.
  • Collapse and expand child case (data) tables by clicking the plus (+) symbol next to the left-hand table rows.
  • Click on the ruler icon in the table inspector panel to the right of the table to add new attributes, delete selected cases, and more.
  • Drag and drop an attribute (left screenshot) to the far left side (center) to create a new collection (right). 

Table inspector palette icons

The table inspector palette appears to the right of your table when you select it (click on it).

Dataset Information: This icon allows you to add/edit/view dataset source information, as described in more depth here.

Resize columns: Clicking this icon automatically resizes the columns in the table to fit the data (for example, if a column is too narrow to show the text in it, resizing makes the column wide enough so you can read the full text).

Trash: Clicking on this icon gives you options to permanently delete cases from your dataset, as described here.

Eyeball: This icon allows you to set aside cases in the table and restore set aside cases (a less permanent option than deleting cases), as described here.

Ruler: Add attributes to your dataset. Note that it is also possible to add attributes to your dataset/table by clicking on the plus sign in the top right corner of the table. Adding attributes to a table is described in more detail here.

One thing that is unique about tables in CODAP is you can quickly/easily switch between viewing the data as a table vs. as case cards--see How to Switch From Table to Case Card View for more details.

Additional information on how to work with tables can be found here.

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This tutorial needs to clearly show how to create or link parent/child tables, not simply make calculations once the data is already in CODAP.

Hi, Charlotte, thank you for your input. Are you looking to enter data from scratch in a table? If so, the following article might be of use to you:

If you have additional questions, I encourage you to participate in the CODAP Help Forums, at

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